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The Gemini planet imager: first light and commissioning

  • Bruce A, Macintosh
  • Andre, Anthony
  • Jenny, Atwood
  • Brian, Bauman
  • Andrew, Cardwell
  • Kris, Caputa
  • Jeffery, Chilcote
  • Robert J, De Rosa
  • Daren, Dillon
  • René, Doyon
  • Jennifer, Dunn
  • Darren, Erickson
  • Michael P, Fitzgerald
  • Donald T, Gavel
  • Ramon, Galvez
  • Stephen, Goodsell
  • James, Graham
  • Alexandra Z, Greenbaum
  • Markus, Hartung
  • Pascale, Hibon
  • And 33 more
Publication Date
Aug 06, 2014
SETI Institute


The Gemini Planet Imager (GPI) is a facility extreme-AO high-contrast instrument– optimized solely for study of faint companions–on the Gemini telescope. It combines a high- order MEMS AO system (1493 active actuators), an apodized pupil Lyot coronagraph, a high- accuracy IR post-coronagraph wavefront sensor, and a near-infrared integral field spectrograph. GPI incorporates several other novel features such as ultra-high quality optics, a spatially-filtered wavefront sensor, and new calibration techniques. GPI had first light in ...

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