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The Gemini NICI Planet-Finding Campaign

  • Michael C, Liu
  • Zahed, Wahhaj
  • Beth A, Biller
  • Eric Nielsen
  • Mark, Chun
  • Laird M, Close
  • Christ, Ftaclas
  • Markus, Hartung
  • Thomas L, Hayward
  • Fraser, Clarke
  • Neill, Reid
  • Evgenya L, Shkolnik
  • Mathias, Tecza
  • Niranjan, Thatte
  • Silvia, Alencar
  • Pawel, Artymowicz
  • Alan, Boss
  • Adam, Burrows
  • Elisabethe De Gouveia, Dal Pino
  • Jane, Gregorio-Hetem
  • And 4 more
Publication Date
Jul 15, 2010
SETI Institute


Our team is carrying out a multi-year observing program to directly image and characterize young extrasolar planets using the Near-Infrared Coronagraphic Imager (NICI) on the Gemini-South 8.1-meter telescope. NICI is the first instrument on a large telescope designed from the outset for high-contrast imaging, comprising a high-performance curvature adaptive optics (AO) system with a simultaneous dual-channel coronagraphic imager. Combined with state-of-the-art AO observing methods and data processing, NICI ...

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