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Ge composition saturation behavior during low-temperature Si1-xGex growth by disilane and solid Ge molecular beam epitaxy

  • liu, jp
  • liu, xf
  • jp, li
  • sun, dz
  • kong, my
  • chinese, jp r liu
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Jan 01, 1997
Knowledge Repository of SEMI,CAS
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Ge composition dependence on the Ge cell temperature has been studied during the growth of Si1-xGex by disilane and solid Ge molecular beam epitaxy at a substrate temperature of 500 degrees C. It is found that the composition x increases and then saturates when the Ge cell temperature increases, which is different from the composition-dependent behavior in growth at high temperature as well as in growth by molecular beam epitaxy using disilane and germane. The enhanced hydrogen desorption from a Ge site alone cannot account for this abnormal composition-variation behavior. We attribute this behavior to the increase of rate constant of H desorption on a Si site when the Ge cell temperature increases.

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