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Gamma-ray burst beaming: a universal configuration with a standard energy reservoir?

  • Zhang, Bing
  • Meszaros, Peter
Published Article
Publication Date
Feb 01, 2002
Submission Date
Dec 05, 2001
DOI: 10.1086/339981
arXiv ID: astro-ph/0112118
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We consider a gamma-ray burst (GRB) model based on an anisotropic fireball with an axisymmetric power-law distribution of the energy per solid angle with index -k, and allow for the observer's viewing direction being at an arbitrary angle with respect to the jet axis. This model can reproduce the key features expected from the conventional on-axis uniform jet models, with the novelty that the achromatic break time in the broadband afterglow lightcurves corresponds to the epoch when the relativistic beaming angle is equal to the viewing angle rather than to the jet half opening angle. If all the GRB fireballs have such a similar energy distribution form with 1.5 < k < (or \sim) 2, GRBs may be modeled by a quasi-universal beaming configuration, and an approximately standard energy reservoir. The conclusion also holds for some other forms of angular energy distributions, such as the Gaussian function.

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