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Fuzzy Logic Based Perceptual Image Hashing Algorithm in Malaysian Banknotes Detection System for the Visually Impaired

  • Wai, Kit Wong
  • Chi, Jie Tan
  • Thu, Soe Min
  • Eng, Kiong Wong
Artificial Intelligence Advances
Bilingual Publishing Co
Publication Date
Apr 30, 2021
DOI: 10.30564/aia.v3i1.3249
Bilingual Publishing


Visually impaired persons have difficulty in business that dealing with banknote. This paper proposed a Malaysian banknotes detection system using image processing technology and fuzzy logic algorithm for the visually impaired. The Malaysian banknote reader will first capture the inserted banknote image, sending it to the cloud server for image processing via Wi-Fi medium. The cloud server is established to receive the banknote image sending from the banknote reader, processing them using perceptual hashing based image searching and fuzzy logic algorithm, then return the detected banknote’s value results back to the banknote reader.The banknote reader will display the results in terms of voice message played on the mini speaker attached on it, to allow visually impaired persons knowing the banknote’s value. This hardware mechanism reduces the size and costs for the banknote reader carried by the visually impaired persons. Experimental results showed that this Malaysian banknotes detection system reached an accuracy beyond 95% by running test on 600 different worn, torn and new Malaysian banknotes. After the banknote image being taken by the banknote reader’s camera, the system able to detect the banknote value in about 480 mili-seconds to 560 mili-seconds for a single sided banknote recognition. The banknotes detection speed was also comparable with human observers reading banknotes, with the response of 1.0908 second per banknote slight difference reading time.The IoT and image processing concepts were successfully blended and it provides an alternative to aid the visually impaired person their daily business transaction activities in a better way.

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