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From short pulses to short breaks : exotic plasma bullets via residual electron control

  • Xian, YuBin
  • Zhang, Peng
  • Lu, XinPei
  • Pei, XueKai
  • Wu, ShuQun
  • Xiong, Qing
  • Ostrikov, Kostya
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2013
Queensland University of Technology ePrints Archive
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Plasma plumes with exotically segmented channel structure and plasma bullet propagation are produced in atmospheric plasma jets. This is achieved by tailoring interruptions of a continuous DC power supply over the time scales of lifetimes of residual electrons produced by the preceding discharge phase. These phenomena are explained by studying the plasma dynamics using nanosecond-precision imaging. One of the plumes is produced using 2-10μs interruptions in the 8kV DC voltage and features a still bright channel from which a propagating bullet detaches. A shorter interruption of 900ns produces a plume with the additional long conducting dark channel between the jet nozzle and the bright area. The bullet size, formation dynamics, and propagation speed and distance can be effectively controlled. This may lead to micrometer-and nanosecond-precision delivery of quantized plasma bits, warranted for next-generation health, materials, and device technologies.

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