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« From semio-ethics to semiotics of speech in music & musicology: a few theoretical (and utopian) projections »

  • Esclapez, Christine
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Jan 01, 2018
Kaleidoscope Open Archive
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Situated in the domains of language philosophy, generalised-linguistics, and semiotics—and to some extent also in the philosophy of science—, Semio-ethics is a field-of-research whose leading proponents are Italian theorists Susan Petrilli & Augusto Ponzio (2003, 2010), and which is concerned with the improvement of living conditions through critical examination of the value of being. Semio-ethics therefore focuses primarily on the Other. Our contribution endeavours to apply the tenets of this global, semiotic vision to the study of Musical Meaning. This theoretical and speculative hypothesis proposes a means by which the field of musical semiology may definitively evolve beyond the communication model, —the paradigm from which it emerged in the post-1960s theory of Linguistic turn—, towards something which we will call the “interpretation of musical speech.” Beginning with an overview of semio-ethics and some of its key concepts, we will outline the nature of musical semiotics as it relates to present-day practice (as opposed to focusing upon the corpus of related theoretical texts).

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