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The “Free lunches” index for assessing academics: a not entirely serious proposal

  • Scanff, Alexandre
  • Mauhé, Nicolas
  • Taburet, Marion
  • Savourat, Pierre-Etienne
  • Clément, Thomas
  • Bastian, Benjamin
  • Cristea, Ioana
  • Braillon, Alain
  • Carayol, Nicolas
  • Naudet, Florian
Publication Date
Nov 06, 2023
DOI: 10.1007/s11192-023-04862-8
OAI: oai:HAL:hal-04286546v1
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Background Evaluating academics is a challenge, and the use of indicators such as scientific impact (i.e. number published papers their citation rate) complex poorly validated. We propose new indicator for academic medical research: “Free lunches” index ( fl -index), computed from sum gifts industry. The -index provides direct straightforward measure industry investment consisting in regaling clinical researcher with rewards like leisurely meal Michelin-starred restaurant or relaxing stay high-end resort hotel. Methods findings 3,936 French were included this observational satirical retrospective study using database registering received by doctors Web Science, over years 2014–2019. Pearson’s correlation coefficients explored associations between h (the maximum that have each been cited at least times) increase period diagnostic properties optimal thresholds detecting high productivity explored. High was defined ranking top 25% scientists terms h-index. To detect possible differences according to disciplines, subgroup analyses performed. coefficient 0.31 (95% CI 0.29 0.34). threshold 7,700 € -index, giving sensitivity 65% 61 67%), specificity 59% 57 61%). However, there considerable across correlations ranging 0.12 (Morphology morphogenesis) 0.51 (Internal medicine, geriatrics, general surgery medicine), median 37 (Public health, environment society) 30 404 (Cardiorespiratory vascular pathologies). Importantly, highest values observed disciplines. Conclusions Overall, an modest so cannot be used surrogate success gauged productivity-based metrics. future residents could these results complement usual metrics order choose (or avoid) certain specialties, depending on whether they are more eager produce articles enjoy affluent lifestyle consider well-deserved. Registration

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