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Framtidens verktyg för arbetsmiljöarbete : En studie om vilka förutsättningar IT erbjuder verksamheter i deras arbetsmiljöarbete

  • Abraham, Robel
  • Saleman, Egal
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2019
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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The influence and impact that digitalisation have in our society has not gone unnoticed, every aspect of our daily lives have more or less been digitalized so that we can effectively communicate, share and gain information and knowledge through IT solutions. Businesses and organisations are being more effective and efficient by embedding IT solutions as a strategy into their daily work. A particular field that has been stagnant through this revolution is how businesses and organisations manage their workplace environment and the purpose of this study is therefore to shed light on, and contribute with knowledge about, the potential that IT have when it comes to managing organisational occupational health and safety. We look further into a graphical user interface such as dashboard to gain an insight on how it could be used as a tool to monitor progress within occupational health and safety. The methods used in this exploration are integrated approaches which contains both qualitative and quantitative methods, the data was collected through interviews and surveys in a public organisation. The results of the study displays three main concerns which are caused by the lack of systematic approach while working with occupational health and safety. These three concerns are identified as feedback challenges, lack of consistency and absence of appropriate actions. The study further highlights which key factors that need to be successful in order to create and maintain a healthy occupational health and safety. With the result of our study, businesses and organisations can gain an understanding and insight on what type of advantages can be gained by using IT in order to promote a systematic approach while dealing with a challenging task as the workplace environment. 

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