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Från tystnad till inkludering : En kvalitativ intervjustudie som undersöker synliggörandet av HBTQI-perspektivet i religionsundervisningen

  • Khoshaba, Olivia
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2024
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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This study aims to investigate how LGBTQI individuals have experienced the visibility of LGBTQI perspectives in religious education and how religious educators can integrate LGBTQI perspectives into teaching to ensure an inclusive learning environment for all students. To address the research questions, semi-structured interviews were chosen as the data collection method, followed by thematic analysis of the collected material. The results of the study indicate that LGBTQI individuals have experienced negative portrayals of LGBTQI perspectives in education. All LGBTQI individuals emphasize an experience of heteronormalized religious education and express the need for modernization of teaching practices. Furthermore, the results show that language plays a significant role in integrating LGBTQI perspectives into religious education. Religious educators point out that the existing curriculum documents are clear enough to enable teaching about LGBTQI perspectives and religion. However, they also highlight that school textbooks often inadequately address the subject, requiring educators to seek and utilize additional materials to enhance their teaching. Another perspective that emerges is the importance of integrating norm-critical pedagogy. All religious educators stress the importance of creating an atmosphere where students are encouraged to have open and respectful discussions about LGBTQI perspectives and religion. Finally, the study's results are discussed in relation to previous research and the theoretical framework of the study.

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