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Förvaltningsmyndigheter för medborgarna? : En komparativ fallstudie om hur korruption inom tre centrala förvaltningsmyndigheter påverkar medborgarnas tillit och förtroende

  • Lagerlöf, Erik
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2024
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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This thesis aims to analyze how tendencies to corruption affect trust in Central Managing Authorities: Sweden Public Employment Service, National Service Center, and Swedish Insurance Agency.  The research questions are:  · Can the trust and legitimacy for the three Central Managing Authorities has been affected by corruption?  · What similarities and differences exist about the corruption into Swedish Public Employment Service, National Service Center, and Swedish Social Insurance Agency?  · Can the lack of trust and legitimacy have other causes than the occurrence of corruption?  The study used comparative method, where cases have been compared and analyzed out from theoretical framework. Through comparation, similarities and differences between the cases and find explaining factors about how corruption can affect trust through applying of the theoretical framework was identified. There are some important implications. First, corrupt tendencies can lead to common interests be override because of personal interests. Second, the democratic values in the public administration can be affect negatively because of corrupt tendencies. Lastly, knowledge and awareness are fundamental for how corrupt tendencies affect citizen’s trust for Central Managing Authorities. 

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