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Förutsättningar för samverkan : En kvalitativ studie om förutsättningars betydelse för projektet Sluta skjut / Prerequisites for collaboration : A qualitative study of the importance of prerequisites for the project Stop the shooting (Sluta skjut)

  • Malek, Sheikh Al Najjaryn
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Jan 01, 2021
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This study aims to understand the importance of prerequisites for collaboration between public/political agencies with the help of literature about the concept of collaborative governance. The choice of using collaborative governance is based on the fact that the concept has not been applied to collaboration between the public/political actors before. This paper has the Swedish project Stop the shooting (Sluta skjut) as an example to understand the importance of prerequisites for collaboration between the Police, Probation Service, and Malmö municipality. With the help of this project, I will try to understand some of the promoting and hindering factors for collaboration in the studied project. To ascertain the prerequisites, I study will be interviewing representatives from the three mentioned actors.  To study the importance of prerequisites I used Ansell & Gash's (2008) theory about starting conditions which includes three prerequisites that according to them can make or break any collaboration process. These prerequisites are power-resource balance, incentives for participation, and prehistory of collaboration. In addition, to examine how much these prerequisites mean for collaboration, I will also see if any prerequisites are of importance that Ansell & Gash (2008) do not mention. The result of the study concludes that Ansell & Gash's (2008) starting conditions are of big importance for a successful collaboration process and were of importance for deeming ‘Sluta skjut’ as a successful project. The conclusion of the study shows that there are two more important prerequisites in addition to Ansell & Gash (2008) that all actors should aim to fulfill before collaborating, these are the time aspects regarding implementation and understanding of the different logics for each actor. 

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