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Flight Tests of the Wilford XOZ-1 Sea Gyroplane

  • Gustafson, Frederic B.
Publication Date
Sep 12, 1941
NASA Technical Reports Server


During August 1939 a series of flight tests was made at Langley Field on the Wilford sea gyroplane, designated by the Navy as the XOZ-1. These tests were intended to permit rough evaluation of the stability and control characteristics of the machine, with particular reference to possible improvements in rigging which might be made in future machines with fixed wing and nonarticulated feathering control rotor, and to provide data on the bending and feathering motions of the rotor blades. The tests made in 1939 proved inadequate, chiefly because the machine as flown did not have sufficient propeller thrust to give it an appreciable speed range in steady flight. Further tests were therefore made in August 1940 after overhauling the engine and substituting a metal propeller for the wooded one first used. The range of speeds covered in steady flight was markedly extended. Steady-flight runs only were made in this series, since it was felt that takeoffs and landings had been covered sufficiently in the previous tests.

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