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A First Summarization System of a Video in a Target Language

  • Smaïli, Kamel
  • Fohr, Dominique
  • González-Gallardo, Carlos
  • Grega, Michal
  • Janowski, Lucjan
  • Jouvet, Denis
  • Komorowski, Artur
  • Kozbial, Arian
  • Langlois, David
  • Leszczuk, Mikolaj
  • Mella, Odile
  • Menacer, Mohamed Amine
  • Mendez, Amaia
  • Linhares Pontes, Elvys
  • Sanjuan, Eric
  • Swist, Damian
  • Torres-Moreno, Juan-Manuel
  • Garcia-Zapirain, Begona
Publication Date
Sep 12, 2018
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In this paper, we present the first results of the project AMIS (Access Multilingual Information opinionS) funded by Chist-Era. The main goal of this project is to understand the content of a video in a foreign language. In this work, we consider the understanding process, such as the aptitude to capture the most important ideas contained in a media expressed in a foreign language. In other words, the understanding will be approached by the global meaning of the content of a support and not by the meaning of each fragment of a video. Several stumbling points remain before reaching the fixed goal. They concern the following aspects: Video summarization, Speech recognition, Machine translation and Speech segmentation. All these issues will be discussed and the methods used to develop each of these components will be presented. A first implementation is achieved and each component of this system is evaluated on a representative test data. We propose also a protocol for a global subjective evaluation of AMIS.

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