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Field-Theoretic Weyl Deformation Quantization of Enlarged Poisson Algebras

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DOI: 10.3842/SIGMA.2008.047
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$C^*$-algebraic Weyl quantization is extended by allowing also degenerate pre-symplectic forms for the Weyl relations with infinitely many degrees of freedom, and by starting out from enlarged classical Poisson algebras. A powerful tool is found in the construction of Poisson algebras and non-commutative twisted Banach-$*$-algebras on the stage of measures on the not locally compact test function space. Already within this frame strict deformation quantization is obtained, but in terms of Banach-$*$-algebras instead of $C^*$-algebras. Fourier transformation and representation theory of the measure Banach-$*$-algebras are combined with the theory of continuous projective group representations to arrive at the genuine $C^*$-algebraic strict deformation quantization in the sense of Rieffel and Landsman. Weyl quantization is recognized to depend in the first step functorially on the (in general) infinite dimensional, pre-symplectic test function space; but in the second step one has to select a family of representations, indexed by the deformation parameter $\hbar$. The latter ambiguity is in the present investigation connected with the choice of a folium of states, a structure, which does not necessarily require a Hilbert space representation.

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