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Work-related Stress Among Ghanaian Bankers: Implications For Counselling.

Counselling Association of Nigeria
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  • Ork-Related Stress
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Work Status
  • Correlation Analysis


The study investigated the incidence of work-related stress (WRS) among bankers in the Kumasi Metropolis. A self-constructed structured questionnaire with an internal consistency of r=0.91 (test retest reliability -two week interval) was used to collect data from 155 bankers, comprising 96 men and 59 women, using stratified proportional sampling. Correlation analysis, Chi-square contingency tables and frequencies were used to test the research question, and the three hypotheses. The study revealed that the variables that contributed most to work stress among bankers were: 'being scared of one's inability to finish a job given by a boss', 'being hard pressed to finish work on time to go home', and difficult work schedules'. The study also revealed that the level of work-related stress experienced by bankers does not depend on gender. The study further revealed that there is no significant difference between the levels of work-related stress experienced by different age groups of bankers. Another finding of the study was that the level of workrelated stress experienced by bakers does not depend on status (whether management or non-management.) Finally, implications, recommendations and suggestions for future research are provided.Keywords: work-related stress, gender, age, work status, correlation analysis

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