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Adsorption Characteristics of Congo Red Dye onto PAC and GAC based on S/N ratio:A Taguchi Approach

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemical Reactor


Adsorption characteristics of Congo Red dye(CR)on powdered activated carbon(PAC)and granular activated carbon(GAC)from aqueous solutions was studied. The potential for the adsorption of Congo Red dye at a fixed initial concentration of 100 ppm on PAC and GAC was carried out. The experiments were carried out in a batch system to optimize operation variables :pH,time and temperature for the same adsorbent dosage of 0.2 mg in 50ml of dye solution.The Taguchi experimental design method was applied for the systematic and effective investigation of the optimal conditions of operation variables.The pH of the solution remains the major influencing factor for the adsorption process in all the experimental runs.

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