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Tržič transport policy - proposal

  • Univerzitetni Program GradbenišTvo - Prometna Smer


In this diploma thesis I have focused on transport policy, the common transport policy of the European Union as well as the transport policy of the Republic of Slovenia. In the thesis I have presented the most important documents of the European transport policy: White paper - European transport policy for 2010: time to decide, Green Paper - Towards a new culture for urban mobility, White paper - Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area as well as Transport 2050: Commission outlines ambitious plan to increase mobility and reduce emissions. In what follows I have in detail presented the Resolution on the transport policy of the Republic of Slovenia from the year 2006 with the title Intermodality: time for synergy as well as a list of critical views about this document. In this diploma thesis I have focused on the proposal of the transport policy in the Tržič municipality. Firstly, I have presented the existing transport system for the year 2011, which includes: road infrastructure, public transportation links, cycling areas and footways as well as stationary traffic areas. In what follows I have presented the future transport system for the year 2025, which is based on the existing transport system and technical measures as well as the transport policy measures and vision. I have discussed five transport systems: passenger vehicle traffic (including cargo traffic), public transport, stationary traffic, bicycle traffic and pedestrian traffic. Each of the transport systems includes objectives that can be implemented using given technical measures and the transport policy measure as well as a certain number of survey questions and measure plans. In the measure plans I have described and presented the solutions for all technical measures for each of the transport systems.

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