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A prospective study of a new immunochemical fecal occult blood test in Korean patients referred for colonoscopy

Elsevier Inc.
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DOI: 10.1016/j.clinbiochem.2005.01.003
  • Colorectal Cancers
  • Adenomas
  • Immunochemical Fecal Occult Blood Test
  • Diagnostic Validity
  • Chemistry
  • Medicine


Abstract Objectives: The exquisite performance characteristics of an immunochemical fecal occult blood test (IFOBT) are well understood. We evaluated the diagnostic validity of a new IFOBT for colorectal neoplasia in patients undergoing colonoscopy and compared its results with two other commercially available IFOBTs. Design and methods: Eighty-five consecutive patients referred for colonoscopy were studied. We performed three different IFOBTs, namely, HM-Jack®, Instant-View®, and a newly developed OcculTech® on each fecal specimen. Results: OcculTech was easy to perform and had a sensitivity, specificity, and positive predictive value of 58.3%, 76.3%, and 27.9%, respectively, for the detection of colorectal cancers and ≥1 cm adenomas. OcculTech showed higher sensitivity than the automatic analyzer, HM-Jack. No improvement was obtained by combining tests. Conclusions: The OcculTech test had performance characteristics comparable to the two other IFOBTs. This study confirms the usefulness of the OcculTech test for colorectal neoplasia screening.

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