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Magnetotransport in low-density p-Si/SiGe heterostructures : from metal through hopping insulator to Wigner glass

American Physical Society
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  • Qc Physics
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We study dc and ac transport in low-density p-Si/SiGe heterostructures at low temperatures and in a broad domain of magnetic fields up to 18 T. Complex ac conductance is determined from simultaneous measurement of velocity and attenuation of a surface acoustic wave propagating in close vicinity of the two-dimensional hole layer. The observed behavior of dc and ac conductances is interpreted as an evolution from metallic conductance at B=0 through hopping between localized states in intermediate magnetic fields (close to the plateau of the integer quantum Hall effect corresponding to the Landau-level filling factor nu=1) to formation of the Wigner glass in the extreme quantum limit (B greater than or similar to 14, T less than or similar to 0.8 K).

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