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Comparison of the Concentrations of Chemical Components in Cloudwater Samples Collected during Four Different Field Campaigns

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  • Chemistry


In this study, the results of four different field experiments concerning the speciation of iron and the concentrations of some other chemical compounds in cloudwater samples are compared to one-another. Hydrogen peroxide concentrations were higher during campaigns, conducted at sites not much influenced by anthropogenic emissions as compared to those conducted at more polluted areas. In contrast, percentages of S(IV) in the cloudwater were lowest at the rural sites and highest at the sites polluted by human activities, indicating a consumption of hydrogen peroxide in the oxidation reaction with S(IV). The concentration of dissolved iron was observed to correlate with the percentage of S(IV), which may be an essential point for the reductive dissolution of oxidic iron compounds of the aerosol particles. As far as the speciation of the dissolved iron is concerned, it became obvious that the percentage of Fe(III) is anticorrelated to the concentration of dissolved iron. This clearly shows the important effect of the chemical and/or photo reductive ways of dissolving the iron(III)-compounds from the aerosol particles. However, a correlation between the pH-value and hydrogen peroxide was observed.

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