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Seni Mural Sebagai Media Penyampaian Aspirasi Rakyat: Sebuah Kajian Politik Identitas

ISI Denpasar
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  • Nx Arts In General


Mural is often seen as ct way for young people to, find their identities, or to merely show their existence. Because their actions are seen as destructive, they are also often. confronted by the city’s patrol units and even by the police. Their “bomber” existence, that has become the youth subculture and viewed as deviance over the urban structure, are more and more accepted Cynical views of them still exist however. In the 1980’s, mural spread all over the city’s walls, and often wrote about their gangs name or which school they are from. These were the things that spark violence between gangs. But today, mural seems to not or0v write about gang’s names, but also present a more artistic. Mural exists as their existence towards the signs of times that art represented by lifestyle trends. This is more strongly reflected than showing their identities that are full of difference ideology. Keywords: Graffiti, lifestyle, trend, and identity

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