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Ferulic acid content variation from wheat to bread

  • Boudaoud, Sonia
  • Sicard, Delphine
  • Suc, Lucas
  • Conéjèro, Geneviève
  • Segond, Diego
  • Aouf, Chahinez
Publication Date
Mar 26, 2021
DOI: 10.1002/fsn3.2171
OAI: oai:HAL:hal-03192534v1
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Wheat is the most important food grain source for humans with an estimated global production of around 747.8 million tons and a consumption that reached 753.9 million tons for the year 2018/2019 (United States Department of Agriculture). This increasing consumption is partly correlated with the nutritional value of the wheat grain which mainly contains carbohydrates (65%-75%), proteins (7%-12%), and lipids (2%-6%) (Pomeranz, 1988). The wheat grain is composed of different parts, of which the bran accounts for 14%-19% of its weight (Javed et al., 2012). Studies on the effect of wheat, oat, and corn brans on human organism showed that wheat bran contains most of the micronutrients and bioactive compounds of the grain (Hemery et al., 2007), and therefore, it might contribute to reduce certain diseases of the digestive system. Wheat bran comprises the outer tissues of the wheat kernel and includes histologically and chemically distinct layers and tissues, whose aleurone layer accounts for 50% of all bran tissue. Aleurone cell walls contain 29% B-glucans and 65% linear arabinoxylans (Javed et al., 2012; Shewry & Hey, 2015). They are a source of vitamins and bioactive compounds such as phenolic compounds (bound phenolic compounds: 4.73-2020 µg/g) (Onipe et al., 2015). Phenolic compounds of wheat bran mainly belong to phenolic acids group with ferulic acid (4-hydroxy-3-methoxy cinnamic acid) as major component (it represents up to 90% of total phenolic acids) (Adom et al., 2003). Ferulic acid (FA) mainly occurs in trans configuration and is esterified to arabinose (linked in the O-5 position), stanols, sterols, and glucose (Naczk & Shahidi, 2006). It is also able to be associated to lignin via

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