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Feedback-Analytics: Building a smart form system, with control flow support and data analysis

  • Brunal Causil, Carlos (author)
  • Russel, Renzo (author)
  • Aminosharieh najafi, Mohammed (author)
  • Lobman, Daryll (author)
  • Oostmeyer, Sander (author)
Publication Date
Jul 05, 2019
TU Delft Repository
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Feedback-analytics, describing themselves as, "A Dutch based start-up for companies interested in improving both customer feedback and their employee efficiency, Feedback-analytics aims to be a simple yet robust tool that allows you to identify and manage points of improvement that your company might need ” The company started from the ground up with on one single vision: Identify business inefficiencies and improve consumer satisfaction in the process. The proposed method is to gather feedback from consumers and converting this into data which can be analyzed by the company. The focus of the product is a web-based form system with logic built in; implementing an integrated form building system and converting data gathered from these forms into analytics. Implementing every functionality of such a system from scratch in the short amount of time given is naturally unfeasible, our group made it its main goal to have: a solid backend server foundation for the system, the main form builder interface complete with logic and a robust working database structure. This project covers a wide variety of courses from the bachelor programe, and we are very excited to have an opportunity to finally apply everything we’ve learned during bachelor in a full fledged real-world project. / Bachelor End Project / Computer Science

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