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A Comparative Analysis of Logistics Policy and Corporate Strategy for China in Korea and Japan

한국외국어대학교 국제지역연구센터
Publication Date
  • 중국 물류시장
  • 물류정책
  • 물류전략
  • 한ㆍ일 물류기업
  • Logistics Policies
  • Logistics Strategies
  • Korean And Japanese Logistics Firms
  • Chinese Logistics Market
  • Political Science


This paper compared the cases of Korea and Japan on the basis of three research goals as follows. Above all, this paper tries to illuminate differences in logistics policies for China in Korea and Japan at governmental levels after understanding their distinct features. Then, after investigating investments of Korean and Japanese firms in China and their specific cases at corporate levels, this paper tries to illuminate similarities and differences of corporate strategies in Korean and Japanese logistics firms. Finally, this paper attempts to derive implications for Korean governments and firms through the comparative study. Main results of this study are as follows. First, even though logistics policies of Korean and Japanese government are similar in admitting the significance of China, Japanese policies are broader by admitting the significance of cooperating with ASEAN nations. Second, Japanese firms provide more diverse entire logistics services and also retained wider logistics networks than Korean counterparts in Chinese logistics markets. Thus, Korean logistics firms need to pursue to establish strategic cooperation with other foreign firms in China.

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