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Perceiving patterns in dynamic action sequences: investigating the processes underpinning stimulus recognition and anticipation skill

John Wiley & Sons
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We examined whether skilled and less-skilled participants process dynamic sequences comprised of numerous elements using relational information or specific display features. Moreover, the processes underpinning anticipation and recognition judgments were compared. Participants viewed dynamic film sequences showing multiple display features and anticipated what would happen next. New and previously viewed action sequences were then presented in film or point-light display format. Participants attempted to recognize previously viewed sequences. Skilled participants demonstrated superior anticipation skill and were more sensitive in discriminating previously viewed and novel clips than their less-skilled counterparts. Skilled participants fixated more locations than less-skilled participants, implying that they process dynamic scenes as a series of relations between display features. The patterns of eye fixation measures differed between the anticipation and recognition tasks suggesting that different processes underpin these two types of judgments. Copyright (c) 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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