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Epistatic Interactions of Radiation-Sensitive (rad) Mutants of CAENORHABDITIS ELEGANS

The Genetics Society of America
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Six double mutants and a quadruple mutant were derived from four UV radiation-hypersensitive single mutants (rad-1, rad-2, rad-3 and rad-7). Sensitivities of the 11 strains to UV, γ-radiation and methyl methanesulfonate (MMS) were compared. Of the six double mutants, only the rad-1;rad-2 and rad-3;rad-7 doubles were no more hypersensitive than the most sensitive single mutant to UV-radiation. Thus, rad-1 and rad-2 define one epistasis group, whereas rad-3 and rad-7 define another. Consistent with this model was the observation that rad-1 and rad-2, but not rad-3 and rad-7, were hypersensitive to γ-radiation. In addition, none of the multiple mutants was more hypersensitive to γ-radiation than the most sensitive single rad mutant. No synergistic interactions of the rad mutations with respect to MMS sensitivities were observed.

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