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Myxomycetes from the Everglades National Park and Adjacent Areas, I

The Ohio journal of science
Smithsonian Institution Biodiversity Heritage Library
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A first list of 10 species of slime molds from the Everglades National Park is presented; this list includes the first report of Arcyria pomiformis from Florida. From areas outside the park 7 species new to Florida are reported: Comatricha subcaespitosa, Didymium listeri, Didymium ovoideum, Physarum galbeum, Stemonitis herbatica, Dictydiaethalium dictyosporum, Stemonitis inconspicua. The last 2 species were previously known, respectively, only from the type collection and only from the Netherlands and the British Isles. These additions bring to 132 the total number of Myxomycetes reported from Florida in the literature. Taxonomic notes are given for an undescribed species of Licea formerly identified and reported from Florida as Licea fimicola.

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