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Postappendectomy incisional interstitial inguinal hernia

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Abstract 1. 1. A case of a hitherto undescribed variety of hernia is reported. The hernia, a postappendectomy, incisional, interstitial, inguinal hernia, descended from the lower angle of a right lower rectus incision posterior to the rectus and internal oblique (and transversus abdominis) muscles to enter the inguinal canal, which it then traversed. 2. 2. On clinical examination what appeared to be a typical reducible indirect inguinal hernia was found, extending through the external inguinal ring into the upper scrotum. The right rectus scar appeared to be solid and the hernia independent of it. Only at operation was the true relationship discovered. 3. 3. The pathogenesis of such a hernia is discussed and the importance of recognizing its true nature is stressed.

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