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Report on AMiLP-3 - 3rd AMAST Workshop on Algebraic Methods in Language Processing

European Association for Theoretical Computer Science
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Abstract 340 R  AMLP-3 3rd AMAST Workshop on Algebraic Methods in Language Processing 25 – 27 August, Verona, Italy Peter R.J. Asveld & Anton Nijholt The Third AMAST Workshop on Algebraic Methods in Language Processing took place at Verona, Italy, from 25 till 27 August 2003. It aimed at collecting state-of-art approaches and results in formal language theory, programming lan- guage theory and natural language theory. Like its predecessors, held in 1995 at the University of Twente (Enschede, the Netherlands) and in 2000 at the Univer- sity of Iowa (Iowa City, USA) the workshop has been organized jointly within the Twente Workshop in Language Processing (TWLT) series. The Program Committee consisted of Anton Nijholt (Chair, Enschede), Giu- seppe Scollo (Chair, Verona), Domenico Cantone (Catania), Roberto Giacobazzi (Verona), Dirk Heylen (Enschede), Aravind Joshi (Philadelphia), Geert-Jan Krui- jff (Saarbrücken), Vincenzo Manca (Verona), Uwe Mönnich (Tübingen), Till Mossakowski (Bremen), Mark-Jan Nederhof (Groningen), Maurice Nivat (Paris), Teodor Rus (Iowa City), Fausto Spoto (Verona) and Martin Wirsing (München). The workshop has been attended by 31 people coming from Italy (9), USA (4), Germany (3), Canada (2), Spain (2), the Netherlands (2), France (1), Great Britain (1), Israel (1) and India (1). The scientific programme consisted of 5 invited lectures and 17 accepted con- tributions: Monday 25 August 2003 Joseph Goguen (San Diego, USA), Semiotic morphisms, representations, and blending for interface design [invited lecture], Stephen Chong & Riccardo Pucella (Ithaca, USA), A framework for creating nat- ural language user interfaces for action-based applications, Stephan Kepser & Uwe Mönnich (Tübingen, D), (Un-)decidability results for head-driven phrase structure grammar, Stephan Kepser & Uwe Mönnich (Tübingen, D), A note on the complexity of optimality theory, Giancarlo Mauri (Mila

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