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Hotel is an organization that has objectives to give excellent service to the society with every facility existed. Hotel management on duty had their own self management of their department of food and beverages. The department of food and beverages had their own supply of vary food and restaurant equipment in large number. Intern controlled system will function in giving assessment independently behalf all level management activity, reviewed and implementing prevention system inside organization which will give feed back for the hotel management about the effectivity of the whole system. Supply is the most important part of activa inside the particular organization, whereas supply post would showed the supply of each and every items that will have direct impact on income and cash flow. Ineffective supply control will lead to other excessive supplies. Problem limitation on this experiment are (1) Whether intern controlled system of food and beverages supply at Graha Cakra had been effective and efficiently done? While the objective of this experiment is to found out whether intern controlled system implemented at Graha Cakra had been done effectively and based on main principle of good intern controlled system. Type of this experiment include case study, which would be done with observation to the object. Data obtained methods use is: (1). Documentation and (2) Interview. Data analysis technique in this thesis using qualitative descriptive analysis. Evaluation results concluded that efficiency rate of food and beverages in freezer 1 by the year of 2006-2007 according to supply rolls had increase from 1597,2 x become 1607,1 x per period. In freezer 2 the efficiency rate had increase from 635,8 x become 658,8 x. For freezer 3 also had improvement on rate of efficiency from 1790 x become 1862 x per period. While efficiency level on equipment supply at Graha Cakra had been decreasing from 0,06 x become 0,02 x, this could be caused by reduction that not balanced with the adding of the equipment. Seen from funding budget by the year 2006 to 2007 always lower from the number in balanced, so it may said that intern effectivity controlled system on food and beverages had been achieved. By this, it would be better if Graha Cakra hotel management improve their intern controlled system so they would get optimum benefit and the hotel party should made improvement in controlling equipment supply which is damaged or lost (reduction).

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