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Randomness Fingerprint Authentication With Barcode

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The title of this thesis is 'Randomness Fingerprint Authentication with Barcode". The main purpose of system is to be able to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the current authentication security and attendance signature system. Most of the current authentication and attendance signature system is found that do not fulflll the criteria of security requirement. These current system have similar problem, it unable to guarantees authenticated the correct user with something that cannot be lost, forgotten, misplaced, shared or stolen. With this thesis, the feasibility of integrating the fingerprint authentication system with the barcode authentication technology will be researched and implemented. The "Randomness Fingerprint Authentication with Barcode" is a new scheme to solve the problems which was found on the traditional student attendance system and existing fingerprint authentication system. The system that proposed is not only using the static formula for request user fingerprint but will establish a randomized fingerprint algorithm. This randomized algorithm will be the most attractive and interesting features or function if compare with other authentication system. Besides, by combination of fingerprint verifying with bar code authentication mechanism, it can improves the effectively identification of the particular person in attendance signature process. In this thesis, some existing fingerprint authentication system is taken as investigate and analysis sample. Problem statement is established based on the analysis and requirement for the to-be system is captured. On the other hand, a preliminary design of the to-be system is established as well including system architecture, user interfaces design, and logical database design. As in conclusion, the wellness of "Randomness Fingerprint Authentication with Barcode" will represent through the completion of this thesis.

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