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Solution for Eshelby’s elliptic inclusion with polynomials distribution of the eigenstrains in plane elasticity

Applied Mathematical Modelling
DOI: 10.1016/j.apm.2014.03.048
  • Eshelby’S Elliptic Inclusion
  • Plane Elasticity
  • Polynomials Distribution Of Eigenstrains
  • Complex Variable Method
  • Closed Form Solution


Abstract This paper provides a closed form solution for the Eshelby’s elliptic inclusion in plane elasticity with the polynomials distribution of the eigenstrains. The complex variable method and the conformal mapping technique are used. The continuity conditions for the traction and displacement along the interface in the physical plane are reduced to a similar condition along the unit circle of the mapping plane. From those continuity conditions, we can obtain two sets of the complex potentials for the region outside of the unit circle and for the ring region, respectively. Further, we can obtain the complex potentials in the physical plane, or z-plane (z=x+iy). The mapping function maps the ring region in the mapping plane into a finite elliptic region with a crack on the real axis in the physical plane. An exact form for the complex potentials defined in the ring region is studied and proposed. In addition, the stress distribution on the inclusion is evaluated. Those results are first obtained in the paper.

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