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Open top chamber 內에서 오존 處理에 對한 生長速度가 다른 현사시 5개 클론의 生長 및 光合成 반응과 抗酸化物質의 변화에 관한 硏究

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ABST RACT T his study w as conducted to examine sensitivity of trees to ozone exposure in relation to grow th rates . Five clones of P opulus alba P . g landulosa w ere divided into tw o groups based on their inherited grow th potential ; superior grow th group(SGG, Hyunsasi No.4 : clone number 72- 16 and 72- 30) and non- superior grow th group(NGG, Hyunsasi No.2 : clone number 72- 19, 72- 27, 72- 28). Cuttings w ere taken from each clone, placed in 2 pots , and grow n outdoor for six months . T hen each clone w as transfered to three open top chambers and exposed to ozone(control, 70ppb, 130ppb) from Aug. 22 1997 to Sep. 22 1997(30days, 5hours /day). Bas ic grow th rates in control chamber, grow th and photosynthetic responses in ozone chamber, changes of leaf pigment contents and an antioxidant after ozone exposure w ere measured. Grow th of SGG w as better than that of NGG. Height grow th and total w eight of 72- 30 clone(SGG) w ere the best(135.5cm, 39.3g), and those of 72- 19 clone(NGG) w ere the least(110.0cm, 25.8g). Visible leaf injury w as not recognized in any of the clones in 70ppb ozone exposure, but w ater- soaked symptoms w ere observed w hen SGG clones w ere exposed to 130ppb. Ozone treatments decreased all grow th parameters including height and dry w eight. Decreased rates in height and root grow th of SGG by ozone treatment w ere greater than those of NGG. T otal number of leaves w as decresed and number of senescent leaves w as increased by ozone treatments . SGG in ozone treatment had les s total number of leaves and higher number of senescent leaves. Photosynthes is of SGG w as reduced more by ozone treatments than that of NGG. Decrease in photosynthesis w as due to decrease in stomatal conductance. Leaf pigment contents such as chlorophylls and carotenoids w ere reduced by ozone treatments . T he antioxidant, ascorbate contents of each clone w ere increased by ozone - 58 - Copyright(c)2002 by Seoul National University L

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