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Neither Personal nor Political: John Anderson (2005) Edward Yang

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Microsoft Word - hu.doc Film-Philosophy, 10.1 2006 Hu, Brian (2006) “Neither Personal Nor Political”. Film-Philosophy, v. 10, n. 1: 21 - 27. <>. ISSN: 1466-4615 online 2 1 Neither Personal nor Political Brian Hu University of California, Los Angeles, USA John Anderson (2005) Edward Yang Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press ISBN: 0 2520 7236 7 128 pp Film philosophy certainly encompasses cinephilia, although this is rarely a topic of study for academics who prefer the route of “objectivity.” Instead, cinephilia is historically the terrain of film critics and newspaper reviewers. I do not wish to draw boundaries between scholar/critic, objectivity/subjectivity, serious/trivial. In fact, there is much common ground between the scholar and the critic: not only do many individuals succeed in both worlds, but many terms, philosophies, and ideologies are shared in both practices. The question is how to bridge the two worlds in a meaningful way. How can critics expressing their cinephilia (or phobia) create meaningful and useful discourse for the scholar, and how can the arguments of academia inform the way critics understand their own reactions? At the root of the problem is the fact that critics typically write for mainstream print and online publications, while academics typically write dense, theoretical books published through academic publishers, for other scholars and tenure-granting committees. These divided spaces enforce certain stereotypes and binaries, and readers therefore selectively go to the spaces where they feel most comfortable; as a result, a meaningful exchange between the two worlds becomes difficult. A new space however, has been forged in the form of new series in academic publishing houses. Shorter, more accessible books on mainstream and classic films and Film-Philosophy, 10.1 2006 http:

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