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Perspectivas para o ensino da quimica analitica qualitativa

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  • Quimica Analitica Qualitativa
  • Quimica - Ensino
  • Ensino Superior
  • Chemistry
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In the Brazilian academic circles, there are opinions for and against the keeping of Classic Qualitative Analytical Chemistry in the curriculum of the advanced Chemistry courses, but there is no clear position adopted by any group of professors or researchers. To have a concrete idea of the situation, an ample survey was done of the Brazilian Institutions of Higher Learning (IES), giving evidence that the traditional analysis of cations and anions is still taught as part of the Analytical Chemistry course in the majority of them. A goal of this work is to show that the teaching of classical qualitative analysis can play an important role in the development of the technical skills of the students, aside from inducing in them a scientific attitude and developing an analytical rationality. By its content, it can be affirmed that the knowledge of Classic Inorganic Qualitative Analytical Chemistry has a practical value, being important for the formation of the chemist and for the area of Analytical Chemistry. To complement and show the importance of this work, an intensive search was made of the official methods of analysis published by the International AOAC, by the ASTM and by the Royal Society of Chemistry, where there were identified various procedures that apply the chemical and physical principies of the qualitative tests generally studied in the teaching laboratories. It is believed that the teacher can awaken more interest of the students in the subject by emphasizing its teaching objectives and the innumerous practical uses of the academic knowledge taught in the Qualitative Analytical Chemistry course.

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