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Long-term memory and learning through the use of ResearchCentered Teaching Method

Journal of Medical Education
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The present study aims at exploring the relation between long term memory and two teaching methods: Research-Centered Teaching and customary lecturing. The promotion of exploratory thinking which is provoked in the Research-Centered Teaching Method is considered to lead to hypothetical research and analytical thinking among students. Two separate courses in neurophysiology at Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health services and Iran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services were selected for the study. 310 students were registered on these courses. Half the topics studied were randomly selected for Research-Centered Teaching and the other half for customary lecturing. Thus, each course, consisting of 28 hours of teaching, was split between these tow methods. All the students participated in a written exam at the end of the course and filled out a questionnaire regarding which topic was more precisely remembered, the reasons behind that and also their motives for more regular class attendance.81% of the students stated that the topics taught through the Research-Centered Method were the ones they remembered best. This was proved in the analysis of the exam results (P

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