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Aspheric geodesic lenses for an integrated optical spectrum analyser

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(V7 UNG ASPHERIC GEODESIC LENSES FOR AN INTEGRATED OPTICAL SPECTRUM ANALYSER A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Glasgow for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Gordon Frank Doughty,, B. A. A November 1983 This work is dedicated to the author's wifer Patricia. PROLOGUE every one who has succeeded in this line has done so,, not by following written or communicated instructions, but by striking out a new line for himself; and I think I am correct in saying that there is hardly to be found any case of a person attaining notable success in the art of figuring optical surfaces by rigidly following directions or instructions given or bequeathed by others. " Sir Howard Grubb, 1886. TABLE OF CONTENTS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS & DECLARATION viii SUMMARY xiii KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS AND SYMBOLS xv CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Integrated Optical Signal-Processing 1 1.2 The integrated-optical spectrum analyser 2 1.2.1 Spectrum analysis by acousto-optic Bragg-deflection 2 1.2.2 The integrated-optical spectrum analyser (IOSA) 7 1.2.3 User requirements 10 1.3 Choice of materials and components for an IOSA 10 1.4 Titanium-diffused waveguides in lithium niobate 13 1.5 Focusing in integrated optics 15 1.5.1 Gratings and zone plates 15 1.5.2 Mode-index lenses 19 1.5.3 Configurational elements 19 1.6 Choice of geodesic lenses for the lithium niobate IOSA 21 1.7 Main findings of this work 24 CHAPTER 2 THEORY AND DESIGN OF GEODESIC LENSES 26 2.1 Specification of lenses for an IOSA 26 2.1.1 Choice of practical IOSA and lens dimensions 26 2.1.2 Propagation of truncated Gaubsian-beam 28 2.1.3 Field curvature 29 2.1.4 Lens dimensions and image , size 32 2.2 Geometrical optics of geodesic lenses 33 2.2.1 Introduction 33 2.2.2 Fermat's principle 33 2.2.3 Geodesics on surfaces of revolution 35 2.2-. 4 Ray-tracing expressions 40 2.3 Meth

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