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A Longitudinal Study Comparing Perceptions of U.S. and Japanese Consumer Products in a Third/Neutral Country: Finland 1975 to 1985

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While substantial research has been done on the competitive struggle between U.S. and Japanese consumer products, few studies have examined the U.S. Japan rivalry from a neutral-third country perspective. This study, covering a ten-year period (1975–1985) of data collection, examines changes in Finnish perceptions of U.S. and Japanese consumer products and marketing efforts. Results indicate that while Finnish consumer perceptions of U.S. products and marketing efforts have improved over time, the corresponding perceptions of the Japanese alternative have improved substantially more. Similarly, in areas where U.S. competitors has initial advantages, the study results indicate that by 1985 Japanese firms were able to overcome such advantages and were perceived as superior in all categories.© 1990 JIBS. Journal of International Business Studies (1990) 21, 427–450

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