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Model-based glycemic control in critical care

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poster_ncbme_2012_cgp_final.pdf C. Pre'y1, S. Penning1, A. Le Compte2, L. Fisk2, B. Benyó3, J.G. Chase2, T. Desaive1 1 University of Liège, GIGA-­‐Cardiovascular Sciences, Belgium 2 University of Canterbury, Department of Mechanical Engineering, New Zealand 3 Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary MODEL-­‐BASED GLYCAEMIC CONTROL IN CRITICAL CARE Summary IntroducLon Methods & Results §  High and variable blood glucose (BG) levels have been associated with increased morbidity and mortality in criLcally ill paLents. §  Model-­‐based glycaemic control uses a physiological model of the glucose-­‐insulin system to enable paLent-­‐specific control of blood glucose concentraLons. §  By fiSng certain model parameters, model-­‐based controllers can tailor intervenLons to the metabolic state of each individual paLent as it changes over Lme. §  STAR is a successful model-­‐based protocol that has been developed and tested collaboraLvely in New Zealand, Belgium and Hungary. The STAR Protocol The STAR model-­‐based glycaemic control protocol for criLcal care was developed in collaboraLon between researchers in NZ, Belgium and Hungary. To date, the results and safety have been excellent. Contact : [email protected] Support : Ulg Postdoc Fell

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