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Mitigating Climate Change through Eco-Forestation in the Tropical Region

The International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE)


The fast disappearing of our forest is an ominous pattern behind environmental pollution, local climate failure and economic depression. It is axiomatically believe that the evil that man does live after him such is the devastating impact of bush burning and its attendant effect on the environment and economy. The deteriorating effect of this heinous action of man on our forest is worth orchestrated otherwise the hitherto known tropical forest may best be addressed as Sahel savannah in the nearest future. This paper is out to discover the major causes of forest depletion, its environmental and economic implications, and unearth the plausible planning measures as the panacea. To this effect, discourse on the subject matter are major based on the information sourced from the relevant literature reviewed, the observations and the experiences of the author juxtaposing the observed findings with the extent of deforestation in the forest zone of Nigeria. On the final note, a good number of plausible environmental and planning policies are proposed to drastically address the issue coupled with an enabling law and legislation to back up expeditious action against deforestation as delay may be Keywords- Forest Depletion, Local climate, Climate change, Eco-forestation,

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