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The First International Conference on Building and Exploring Web Based Environments-WEB2013

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  • 2.8 Advanced Technologies
  • 3.9 Data Archiving
  • 4.2.14 Data Mining
  • 5.5 E-Social Science
  • 7.7 E-Learning
  • Computer Science
  • Linguistics


he sheer volume of electronic documents being published on the Web can be overwhelming for users if the searching aspect is not properly addressed. This problem is particularly acute inside archives and repositories containing large collections of web resources or, more precisely, web pages and other web objects. Using the existing search capabilities in web archives, results can be compromised because of the size of data, content heterogeneity and changes in scientific terminologies and meanings. During the course of this research, we will explore whether semantic web technologies, particularly ontology-based annotation and retrieval, could improve precision in search results in multi-disciplinary web archives.

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