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  • Manajemen Strategi
  • Economics
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The purpose of this study was to identify internal factors and external factors influencing performance of P.T. Asuransi ' X ' in Jakarta and propose of alternative Strategies that could be applied by the company to face the change of business environment. The data were collected from 20 respondents and 5 experts, all of them are employee at P.T. Asuransi ' X ' both at Head Office or at their branches. Regression Analysis, Internal Factors Evaluation, External Factors Evaluation, SWOT Analysis and Internal-External Matrix were to analyze the data. Regression Analysis used to predict any gap between industrial trend and company trend on Total Sales ( Revenue of Premi Bruto ). Internal Factors Evaluation used to evaluates the major strengths and weaknesses in the functional areas of business. External Factors Evaluation used to evaluate macro situation, like political, economic, social and culture, and technology also the industrial environment, to showed opportunities and threats in the future. The Internal-External Matrix positions an organization's various division in a nine cell display or plotting organization division in a schematic diagram. The result of the study showed that in Internal Factors Evaluation the Total Score is 2,33656 indicates that the company is below average, that means have weak internally. Otherwise in External Factors Evaluation the Total Score is 2,23662 indicates that the company is also below average in its effort to pursue the opportunities and avoid threats. Based on the Internal-External Matrix showed that P.T. Asuransi ' X ' in Jakarta is in Hold and Maintain position, where Market Penetration Strategy and Product Development Strategy are two commonly strategies were used for these types. Afterwards would be breakdown into longterm plan and action plan ( 1-: years ).

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