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La formación reflexiva como competencia profesional: Condiciones psicosociales para una práctica reflexiva. El diario de campo como herramienta

Universidad de Sevilla: Instituto de Ciencias de la Educación
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The following paper sets out the concept and the procedures allowing us to be more eflective. Moreover, the meaning and function of reflective practice as professional training and development is explored and the use of the field diary is proposed as an instrument par excellence that allows the fostering of reflectivity in professionals, including those from the field of education, and in higher education students. The proposal of reflectivity is oriented towards a development marked by critical psychosocial theories of the activities and practices by the scientist or professional. Reflectivity questions the very practice and theory that guides it, in such a way that, based on this, knowledge can be generated that allows changes in how scientists or professionals operate. Key words: reflective practice, professional competence, conditions of production of reflectivity,field diaries, professional training and development.

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