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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Hitoshi Kihara

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ocf 2 3 19% Dr. H. K.lhara #a*ional Inatitatta of oSneti08 Misllna, Japan Dear Dr. Kihara: Mr. Tetsuo Gino haa told ma of the circuau,tancea which have led you to request hi8 return to your Institute in the near future. Hue I can under&and the cmbarrauamsnt to your Institutional program that 2x3y rcreult from having 80 my of its younger nrsmbere away at one time, I aouldbrge you to give speuial consideration to Mr. Iinols desiruj to oomple-te h&a doctoral studies hare before returning. tit ma Sdy firet that Iino has been a br~iant student and research worker. I anticipate that he will be zn outettinding contributor in nicrobisl gelMiC3-- iinrl I am mkird this juden t on Wi intiirr~ tic&L Isis . A@ YOU know, your asscclate, a.4 llno’s frienci Mot&o Kixurti h;-&s tire&); achieved a world-xi&e reputation in his own field; I am ready to predict that &o will aohieve the 8aipb status in mfcrobiology. Howetver, for &at aim, it mmm t.a me bqsrativc that Gino complete his training i;nd doctoral rescaroh without intt3rruytion. In mmy ?vays, fine hss been c saiJew.h,Et younger person thab Kimra tn his attmk on research problems; he ha also had somewhat mre difficulty wit& English, aA that l?c?s slowed ~.p his slightly. As he oontinuea hia &nvestigations, Iino haa ahown a progreesiveb incrattsing amae of confidence, imagination and awessivenesu and it ia UWBO, together with research techniques and factual information, that he 5ust continue t3 develop. It wogld therefore be not only G grave persoral disappointint to me, but CL ;liafortm~ in his career, if his stufiea were prematurely intsr- napted. In my opinion, an appropriate ached0 for Iino'e academi&? progrm nmld lk for him to take hia preliminary exarnioations for the Ph.-). within the next few months, and his final exauinations either in January or in May 1958, 80 that ha would receive h&s degree either in February or in &.ns 1958. It might be possible to make other [email protected], but X believe “

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