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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to George Cuibus, Scinteia

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March 13, 1967 Profensor George Cuibus lawspaper 'Scanteia' Rucharest, Romania Dear Professor Cuibus: I am taking the liberty of bringing the following information to your atten- tion on the strength of the interest that you have expressed In my writing on scientific subJecta on two previous occasions. For uome time I have been deeply interested in the problem of scientific communication to the non- specialist leadership groups in this and other countries, 'and as one way of contributing to that aim, I have been writing a weekly column "Science and Man" for the Washington Post. The editors of the Post have now indicated that they are ready to make this column available to other newspapera, and have already been in communication with some possible candidates in various cities thraughout the world. As they may not have had the opportunity to be in direct communication with ScSnttia, I thought you might be interested to have the information. I am enclosing some samples of this column, and if you do wish to pursue the matter further, I suggest that you communicate directly with Mr. Howard Simons Assistant Managing Edftor The Washington Post 1515 L Street, R.W. Washington, D. C. 20005 Insofar as it is really quite impossible to separate scientific advances and their applications from other Important political and social‘movements, I believe this column may have even wider interest 'for your readers than would be implied by its strictly oeientific content. In that sense I would regard the adoption of this column by your amwspaper as having special merits as a medium of international understanding, and this is certainly ona of the reasons why I have given this possibility my personal attention in writing to you at the present time. Sincerely yours, Joshua Lederberg Professor of Genetics

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