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Srednjovjekovni korijeni i kontinuitet u vremenu: u povodu 650. obljetnice zagrebačke gornjogradske ljekarne

Publication Date
  • Hrvatska
  • Zagreb
  • Povijest Ljekarništva
  • Gornjogradska Ljekarna Apotheca Civitatensis Ad Aquillam Nigram
  • Kronologija Vlasništva
  • 14
  • –20
  • Stoljeće
  • Zagrebačka Spomenička Baština
  • Croatia
  • Zagreb
  • History Of Pharmacy
  • The Upper Town Pharmacy Apotheca Civitatensis Ad Aquillam Nigram
  • Chronology Of Ownership
  • Locations
  • 14Th – 20Th Century
  • Cultural Heritage Of Zagreb
  • Pharmacology


According to archival and secondary sources, the Upper Town pharmacy is the oldest pharmacy in the city of Zagreb. The beginnings of its work are historically related to the document of 6th March 1355, which for the fi rst time mentions the profession of a pharmacist, i.e. a lawsuit between the apotecarius Jakmo (Jacobus) and a furrier. On the occasion of the 650th anniversary of this document, which marks the beginning of work of Zagreb’s oldest pharmacy, i.e. Apotheca Civitatensis ad Aquillam Nigram, we present its history, chronology of ownership, and locations throughout the past. The pharmacy is still situated in the historical Upper Town, and is one of Zagreb’s most valuable cultural and tourist attractions. This paper emphasises the importance of its conservation and maintenance, as well as the importance of raising the public awareness of the history and signifi cance of pharmacy as a neglected part of the overall national heritage.

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