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Znonstveni skupovi Aclo med-hisl Adriot 2003; l :l I 7- l 22 Scienti{ic meetings SECOND SCIENTIFIC MEETING: "RIJEKA AND ITS INHABITANTS IN MEDICAL HISTORY" Organised by: Croatian Scientific Society for the History of Health Culture and Rijeka University School of Medicine Sponsored by: City of Rijeka, Primorsko-goranska County and Ministry of Science and Technology of Republic of Croatia Rijeka University School of Medicine, November 24th 2001 SELECTED ABSTRACTS Milovi6 D, Uremovi6 V. PsycHosocIAL AspEcrs oF t-{wFUL pUNIsHMENT oF poLITtcAL DELICTS ACCORDING TO RIJEKA STATUTE FROM 16 CENTURY. MEorcrNe 2001 ;37 :47 -50. In this work, the authors are dealing with an interesting delict (one from the group of political delict, according to Rijeka Statute from I 530 A.D.J and exceptionally with the punishment determined for it. The punishment contains many psychical components which authors consider interesting for studding the health culture of this area in l6th century. It is a delict of starting conspiracy again king of his in- heritors or his inheritors or existing regional government. For the ex- ecutor of that delict the Statute prescribes: "...the should be dragged across main square or wherever Mr. Captain or vicarship would wish, hooked on a horse-tail. Ather that he should be hanged on a public place with iron chain on his neck, so that should die and would be left there as a reminder for the others..." Authors are particularly dealing with psychical dealing aspect of the punishment and moral destruc- tion of the convict which arise from dragging the convict across the square (it represented the center of the town, where all public man- ifestations and honours took place). Furthermore, the directive which says that, the directive which says, that the hanging should take place on a public place and the corpse should be left there, points on a spe- 117 Znonsiveni skupovi Acto med-hist Adriot 2003; I : I I 7- I 22 Scientific meetings cific form of a collective responsib

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