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Big Blue Connect Final Report

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Microsoft Word - Final report.doc The Big Blue connect is a Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) funded project to investigate the Information skills sets of staff working in the Higher and Further Education sectors. 2 Table of contents Executive summary Literature review Survey results 1 Survey results 2 Information skills sets: Profiles for training and development activities Recommendations to the JISC Project Team Appendices ICT/Information skills diagram Information skills matrix Survey form 1 Executive summary “Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, say that the amount of information generated worldwide has increased by 30% each year since 1999…that means 800 megabytes of data, roughly equivalent to 800 books was created for each man, woman and child in 2002’1 As employers, academic institutions have a responsibility to foster and support training and development to enable employees to meet their potential within the organisation. Part of this responsibility is to provide staff with a range of ICT and Information skills that they can use to work effectively, extend their knowledge base and apply in a variety of contexts, both professionally and personally. These skills are also essential within the broader context of lifelong learning. It is important to view the attainment of ICT and Information skills not in isolation but as part of an increasingly complex suite of skills which relate to, in varying degrees, e-learning, e- literacy and learning and teaching technologies. In turn, these need to be developed within the relevant context, for example, by subject, sector or job function. Neither can the attainment of these skills be seen as one-off training sessions, delivered in an ad-hoc fashion. They should be delivered in a systema

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