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The influence of garlic and onion on productive performance and some physiological traits in laying hens

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  • Animal Physiology - Nutrition
  • Cholesterol
  • Eggs
  • Garlic
  • Layer Chickens
  • Onions
  • Performance Testing
  • Physiological Requirements
  • Production
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The purpose of this study was investigate the effect of garlic and onion as supplements in laying ration on body weight ,feed consumption, egg number, cholesterol and total lipids of blood, egg yolk and liver of ISA Brown and Fayoumi hens. One hundred and twenty pullets from each strain at sexual maturity were randomly divided into five equal groups. Two groups were fed garlic or onion for six days aweek, another two groups were fed for three days a week, whereas the fifth group was served as a control group. Both garlic and onion increased body weight ( onion was more effective ). Feed consumption and egg production (garlic was more effective ) of both strains during early ages. Hens receiving garlic or onion in diet showed marked decrease in serum, yolk and liver cholesterol and total lipids. In general, there was no significant difference between ISA Brown and Fayoumi hens in response to garlic and onion supplementation. Also there was a slight improvement in the productive performance by adding garlic or onion in diet for six days than for three days. Regardless the effect of onion or garlic ,the cholesterol and total lipids of serum. Egg yolk and liver of ISA Brown were significantly higher than those of Fayoumi hens. It is recommended to supplement garlic in laying ration to produce eggs with low cholesterol content. These eggs would be more desirable for consumers. Especially those who suffer from heart diseases. Also. It is recommended that the garlic should not be removed from ration in order to obtain positive effect on egg production. Keywords: layers, garlic, onion, cholesterol, egg.

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